Putnam's Rocks Are Clocks

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doi: 10.6084/m9.figshare.5450278


This paper contains my analysis of the realization theorem by Putnam (1988), which is in the Appendix to "Representation and Reality". The theorem proves that everything has every functional organization. At first sight, I thought that this could not be true, and then it seemed to me that something in the proof should be wrong. As I did not like Chalmer's (1996) solution, I investigated it by myself.

It was a forerunner for The Intention of Intention.


Putnam proved that "every ordinary open system is a realization of every abstract finite automaton", showing that computing is meaningless. Analyzing a simpler version of his proof, we conclude that giving a meaning to a computation requires computing, which is meaningless, starting a recursion.


Link to the page of my analysis of Putnam's realization theorem in figshare, and direct link to the pdf file.

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