On Freedom

Title: On Freedom: The Theory of Subjectivity

Author: Ramón Casares

Translator: Nancy Konvalinka

Edition: First (20120501)

License: cc-by-sa 3.0

ISBN-10: 1-4752-8739-9; ISBN-13: 978-1-4752-8739-4

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"Life is a bubble of knowledge and freedom" (§154 ¶2).

“On Freedom” provides a link that connects life to symbolism. This link sheds light on the true nature of symbolism and makes clear the relation between its two layers: semantics and syntax. Thus, the book gives a Darwinian explanation of symbolism. So then, where is freedom? I haven’t mentioned yet that the link is a problem, more specifically the problem of survival, and there is no problem without freedom.

These are my ten propositions on freedom:

  1. Life is a problem.
  2. A problem is freedom and a condition.
  3. Semantics cannot represent freedom, which is free of meaning.
  4. Syntax, with free terms, is needed to represent freedom.
  5. A resolution is a syntactical transformation.
  6. To represent resolutions, a recursive syntax is needed.
  7. A symbolism, with semantics and recursive syntax, can represent problems, resolutions, and solutions.
  8. A subject is a symbolic live being.
  9. Man is the only living subject.
  10. Man is free and conscious.

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